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Why Can’t I Find On Call Plus Diabetic Supplies

At Best Value Medical we chose the On Call Express line of products as our flagship line. Although we tested several meters for accuracy, user friendliness, and feature set, one of the contributing factors in our choice was that several local companies had previously offered On Call Plus diabetic supplies and it led to a relationship with Acon, the manufacturer.


From time to time we get emails and calls asking if we stock On Call Plus meters or strips; we do have a few On Call Plus Meters on hand, but the truth is Acon began phasing out the On Call Plus line in 2015. The technology is outdated and to stay competitive with other manufacturers, they developed the On Call Express meter to replace the Plus.


As of the beginning of 2017 Acon still had an open contract with a large retailer to supply On Call Plus strips, so lots of people are still using the outdated meter for the time being. Since the new On Call Express line is comparably priced, more accurate and more user friendly, we have decided to focus on upgrading users of older technology to the newer meter.


The On Call Express Meter is more accurate and user friendly.


So for the month of March if you’re using an outdated meter, send it in to us and we will exchange it for an On Call Express meter and some free test strips. If you’re interested in exchanging your current meter for a free meter from us, use our contact form to let us know and we will confirm your request – all you have to do is pay to ship the old meter to us and we will take care of the cost of getting your new meter back to you.

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